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This is the engine the marine market didn't know it needed.

900HP N.A.      1200HP N.A.      1400HP N.A.      1600HP S.C.      2000HP Quad Turbo

Sixteen Cylinders

In the search for more much can one extract from a cylinder?  When you start to bump into the limits of components, adding more cylinders allows you to make the same power with less stress on your parts.  More reliability.  More cylinders allows you to make more power too.  Naturally aspirated.  Or even more when boosted.


A great block needs to be built upon with great components.

Billet single piece manufacturing with big block mains for increased journal overlap and stiffness


Billet single piece 3-bolt with full length gun drill

Production or Aftermarket LS Gen 4 or LT Gen 5 cylinder heads

Production or aftermarket intakes

XVI Power marine intake under development

5 scavenge sections including one dedicated to the top-end

Two stage sea pumps; 120 GPM raw water

Twin circulating pump; 150 GPM of coolant flow

Two engine coolant heat exchangers

Transmission cooler

Twin oil coolers

Power steering fluid cooler

Fuel cooler

Fuel injected

Twin drive-by-wire throttle bodies








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